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The world’s longest glass bridge. China

I’d like to draw the attention of all those who can’t live without adrenaline. The world’s longest suspension bridge made of glass was opened in the Chinese national park in Hunan Province. The bridge is located at a height of up to 200 meters and its length is over 300 meters!

The stunning bridge hangs between the two cliffs in the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park. You can imagine feelings of the pedestrians! This is a beautiful picturesque place. And the views under their feet are just incredible! Before, the bridge was wooden; last year it was decided to reconstruct it. First, it was about to fix the bridge’s existing wooden structure using just a bit of glass. In order to attract the flow of tourists the bridge was reborn and maden entirely of glass. Now, it’s a real masterpiece of architecture, inspiring fear. It is known as the Brave Men’s Bridge (“Hanhao Qiao”).

The used glass panes are 25 times stronger than normal glass. The thickness of the glass is 24 mm. The construction is strengthened by steel cables. That means, if you suddenly fall, the cables will definitely catch you. But the engineers claim that it is absolutely safe, and this is enough for walking. In addition, the special design allows even to jump on this transparent bridge. However, will you do it above the abyss? On the sides it is fenced by the sturdy grille. Glass bridges are very popular now, and many nature reserves hurry to get such a tourist attraction. This incredible glass platform over the abyss will make you experience a shiver in the knees!

This glass-bottomed walkway is not unique in the solution of design (the Grand Canyon’s Skywalk, the Jasper National Park Glacier Skywalk, the glass box at Aiguille du Midi in the French Alps, the Tokyo SkyTree and the new glass floor sections installed at the Eiffel Tower), but it is truly the world’s longest bridge in its kind.



Brave Men’s Bridge

the world's longest glass bridge

the world's longest glass bridge1



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  • N4Mummy

    That’s incredible, I would be really scared walking across the bridge, but it would be an experience I would never forget.

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