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The world’s longest pier. Mexico

The limestone coast of the Yucatan Peninsula is very shallow. This greatly hindered the movement of the cargo ships and did not allow them to approach the shore, even for several kilometers. So, between 1937 and 1941 in the city of Progreso, a new pier was built on the site of the old wooden pier built in the beginning of the last century. It was 2,100 meters in length.

In 1988 the pier was extended for 4,000 meters, which made it possible to accept container ships. Thus, the ferroconcrete pier that goes deep into the Gulf of Mexico by 6.5 km has become the longest in the world. Passengers leave ship at the end of the long pier, then use free express or taxi to get to the shore, and then go into town.

The Pier Progreso is also known for the fact that this is the first concrete structure in the world, built of reinforced nickel containing stainless steel. Part of the pier was built as a dam. This pier has withstood all the tribulations of the marine element for more than 70 years without any repairs or even routine maintenance. This is considering the fact that the relatively poor grade of concrete was used during construction.

From the height the pier seems even longer and more closely resembles some kind of a bridge leading to the island.

The city of Progreso is approximately 25 kilometers north of Merida, for which it serves as a port. The city itself, the surrounding countryside and water area are located on the site of an ancient crater Chicxulub, which originated 65 million years ago with the fall of a giant meteorite on the Earth. Here you can visit the archaeological sites of the Mayan era.



Mexican city of Progreso, pier


The world's longest pier

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