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Timna Valley. Israel

The Timna Valley is located in the southern Arava desert, 25 kilometers north of Eilat, in Israel. The valley is a National Park surrounded by steep multicolored cliffs. The park covers an area of approximately 60 square kilometers.

This depression has occurred millions of years ago as a result of the formation of the Syrian-African Rift. Thus the cliffs of a wide variety of rocks have appeared – volcanic, magmatic, sedimentary and sandstone of various colors. This place is rich different minerals such as copper, iron, manganese and others. Today, Timna National Park is known for its oldest copper mine in the world. People began to mine copper in the Timna Valley since ancient times (6000 years ago). The research has shown that copper mining started in the late Neolithic period and continued almost without interruption in the Middle Ages. Thus, scientists have determined that the first humans appeared in the valley at this particular time.

The cliffs sometimes reaching 850 meters in height surround the valley from three sides. Many years erosion as a skilful sculptor carved out curious figures from them. Here you can see the stone sphinxes, giant mushrooms, arches and birds. Solomon’s Pillars are one of the most important attractions of this place. They are part of cliffs, ie were naturally formed by erosion of solid red sandstone. They were named in honor of King Solomon, who actively used the natural potential of the valley.

There is an opportunity not just to walk around the neighborhood, but also to listen to a lecture, watch a movie and make an excursion using your own car through the Timna Valley or special offered jeeps, and certainly enjoy riding camels. You will certainly enjoy this spectacular sight – whimsical combination of the primeval landscapes, sandstone cliffs of red and white shades, canyons and granite arches, herds of mountain goats and deer. You should pay attention to the Timna Valley temple, built in the form of an open courtyard and decorated with a wide variety of religious objects. It was dedicated to Hathor – the Ancient Egyptian goddess of joy, feminine love and motherhood.

The next item in the list of visits is of course the Lake Timna. It is a great place for rest and recreation for all the family. Kids will especially enjoy the boating on the water surface.

You will be offered a variety of interesting activities – to create a souvenir with your own hands, to solve ciphers, to see the unique cave drawings, the production of copper and minting of the copper coins of the time of King Solomon, to try a real oriental coffee and more.


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