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Trolltunga. Norway

Such a dreamland as Norway is famous for its stories and legends of the mighty Vikings, the Scandinavian gods, and even the trolls.

Troll’s tongue, or Trolltunga, is a famous stone ledge on the Skjeggedal Mountain located near the town of Odda in Norway. This mountain rises over the Ringedalsvatnet Lake at an altitude of 350 meters. This breakaway piece of rock, congealed on its edge in a horizontal position, is reminiscent of the tongue. That is why it is called so. Why does it belong to troll? Look around, everything here is imbued with magical legends! According to local legends, all the trolls, who didn’t have time to hide in the caves until the sunrise, are forever turned into stone.

The rock is located only 10 kilometers from the small town of Odda. This huge “tongue” is located at an altitude of nearly 800 meters above the lake. It is rather complicated to reach this place of great interest. So many people would like to make a picture at the very edge of the cliff. This trick is considered to be very dangerous, even fatal. No one can guarantee that the rock won’t collapse at any moment! But the daredevils still come here. If you decide to try your luck, it is recommended to do it between June and October. You will have to go to the “tongue” on foot 12 kilometers for about 5 hours and walk on the edge of the fjord. It’s impossible to park the car closer; convenient free parking is at the beginning of the route. Funicular, the local mountain tram, will help to cope with the first part of the route, but, unfortunately, it doesn’t always work.

But you won’t spend your time in vain. Through the way you will see magnificent forests, mountain streams, a variety of waterfalls, crystal clear lakes – just amazing nature of Norway! This delightful adventure won’t leave you indifferent, even a long exhausting way up won’t disappoint you! Verdant slopes, snow-capped peaks, fresh mountain air, adventurous spirit – everything here will be evaluated. There is a belief, if you stand at the very edge of a cliff, all the sorrows and tribulations will be taken away with the northerly winds. Sounds good. Will you try?

Troll's tongue



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