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Trollveggen. Norway

Everything in Norway can be associated with trolls. Meet this enormous rock called Trollveggen – which translates as “Troll Wall”. Trollveggen is the highest rock wall in Europe, and it is located, as you can see, in Norway, on the west coast, in the Romsdalen valley. Its height is 1,100 meters above the sea level. In the steepest places of the rock, the top hangs over the base for almost 50 meters.

Such form of the rock gives mysteriousness and uniqueness to this place. Of course, the locals refer to the stories of trolls. According to the legend, the trolls, who once lived in these places, angered the Scandinavian gods by their pride and vainglory, and were turned to stone.

Another legend has it that the whole crowd of the mountain trolls was walking home, but didn’t manage to reach ерушк shelter in time: the sun came out and they were petrified in a flash. Since then, every single rock in the wall is one of the trolls. The locals say that if you have good enough imagination, you can even see the faces.

Troll Wall is a part of the mountain massif Trolltindene. Along with such walls as Trango Tower, El Capitan and others, it is a part of a group “Big Wall”. They are the most famous and challenging for the mountaineering climbing in the world. However, in addition to the complex structure of the rock itself, there is a danger of rockslides, which often occur here. Thus, they change the climbing routes. It takes a few days for the wall to come back after storm to the condition optimal for more or less safe climbing. The proximity of the Gulf Stream strongly influences the climate. The rock is illuminated by the sun very little, even in summer, so a lot of cracks of Trollveggen are clogged with ice.

In 1965, the two teams, the Norwegian and the British, have made the ascent to the summit of 1100 meters, which took two weeks. Since then, this route is known as the Rimmon Route and is considered to be the most favorite route for the climbers. In total, the Troll Wall has 14 different climbing options, which by the duration may take a few weeks or a couple of days.

Such picturesque views including steep cliffs, sparkling waterfalls and beautiful valleys attract not only the mountain climbers. The danger of this place – sudden weather changes, wet and slippery rocks, rockslides; the prohibitions of the authorities, tough penal sanctions and the common sense in general do not stop the fans of base jumping. Jumping is really very dangerous here. If a person is hooked by the parachute on one of the rock ledges, it will be very hard to get close to him – practically impossible. Rescuers are risking their lives when trying to help the extreme lovers in case of their failure.

Trollveggen is beautiful both in summer and winter, so the lovers of extreme tourism appreciate it deservedly all the year round. Fine weather pleases the local residents in the period from May to October, however the period from July to August is recommended for the climbing.




Trollveggen Norway



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