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Tulum. Mexico

Tulum is a resort town on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, Riviera Maya resort area. More precisely, it’s three in one: town, ruins and beaches: town – Tulum Pueblo; resort area – Tulum Playa – Tulum beach; Archaeological Complex – Tulum Ruins – an ancient city of Maya, located on a steep bank of the Caribbean Sea. The word «Tulum» can be translated from Yucatec language as “fence” or “wall”. This is an incredible mix of cultural heritage and amazing natural beauty.

The town is rather small – about 28 thousand inhabitants who basically work in the tourism industry. It is not fundamentally different from other resort towns – hotels, souvenir shops, markets, restaurants and cafes. To tell the truth, Tulum – is not a chic bustling resort with huge five-star hotels. Its main attractions – a local 400-year-old temple, reflecting the ancient Mayan civilization and a delightful beach.

This beach is considered to be the cleanest in Mexico; in addition, it is among the ten most beautiful beaches in the world. It is 6 km from the town of Tulum. Snow-white sand, turquoise sea, bright sun – what else is needed! This combination attracts photographers from all over the world, not to mention the usual tourists. Even seasoned travelers appreciate this place highly.

However, this is not a single beach, but a series of long diverse in their unique landscapes beaches. The names of the beaches are indicated on the plate along the carriageway of the road (Highway 109). On the shore there are no signs. They are: Playa Santa Fe, Playa Pescadito, Playa Maya, Playa Esperanza, Playa Paraiso, Playa Boca, Playa Las Palmas, Playa Condesa. Some of them are very crowded, especially if the hotels are located nearby. Others are completely secluded – photogenic boats, lonely cozy houses along the coast, scenic views and serenity. This is a beautiful romantic place where the wedding ceremonies are conducted at sunset, where fishermen sit waiting for their catch, where pure white sand goes into rocky coast…

All the beaches of Tulum are public; many have easy access from the road that runs along the coast from the ruins towards the Sian Ka’an Reserve (Reserva de la Biósfera Sian-Ka’an). A series of unusual hotels stretches along the shore of the Caribbean Sea – eco-bungalows, which are far from cheap. More habitual hotels you can find in the town itself and get to the beach by taxi or rent a bicycle.

As for the archaeological sites, this is a unique castle of Maya, perfectly preserved to our times. This majestic pyramid, which once was a landmark for sailors, attracts crowds of people. Temple of Frescoes is also a very interesting place; however, only a part of murals survived, but they are still dazzling. Scientists claim that this temple was also an observatory.

Empty beach, Tulum, Mexico



The Beach Tulum, hotel

archeological complex Tulum

archeological complex Tulum2



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