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Turimetta Beach. Australia

Stone beach Turimetta is one of the most unusual and interesting beaches of Australia. This continent, endowed with such a stunning nature, is rich in beautiful sandy beaches stretching for about 50 thousand kilometers. In the majority, they are white pristine and deserted. But this beach is notable for its stony coastal landscape. It is a small bay, in the area known as Sydney’s northern beaches stretching along the Pacific coast from the port of Sydney to Broken Bay.

Turimetta beach is hidden between low cliffs, covered with moss, thus warning from the lurking danger. And in fact, such a striking splendor is unsafe for people, in the sense that swimming is prohibited here. Malevolence is in the presence of invisible splits in the rocks that make up the local landscape. In addition, you should always beware of sharks, which find safe haven here during the storm. However, it doesn’t scare the local fishermen, representing the club Turimetta Fishing, for which this beach is the main source of income.

Although, there is also a part of the beach intended for swimming. It is about four hundred meters long. But even this area can give trouble, since in the center and sides of the beach there are unpleasant clefts. Before you put your foot, remember about the rocky bottom.

You won’t find surfers here because of the low waves, which are not more than 1.5 meters. In addition, it is important to remember that there is a high probability that each successive wave can throw the poor fellow straight onto the rocks.

None of these hazards can scare those who want to see these fantastic views. It is noteworthy that the beach always looks picturesque, regardless of weather or time of day. In calm weather the water is like a mirror, and then the steep bluffs surrounding the water surface look just fascinating! Therefore, it attracts curious tourists, artists and photographers.


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Turimetta Beach – Sydney

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