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Turquoise River. Slovenia – Italy

This incredibly beautiful river is located in the two countries: in Slovenia where it is known as Soča and in Italy – Isonzo. It originates at the tops of Mount Triglav in the picturesque Trenta Valley, surrounded by the Slovenian Alps. The end point of the river is in the Gulf of Trieste in the Adriatic Sea. It meanders throughout a pristine nature of the mightiest mountain ranges for 138 kilometers, 96 kilometers of which flows through Slovenia, and 42 – Italy. Its depth varies between one and a half meters, and its width is 20 meters.

The uniqueness of the Soca is that the entire length of the river retains its unusual color. Clean water flowing down from the mountain range of north-western Alps, have extraordinary emerald-turquoise tone. This winding turquoise belt passes Bovec, Tolmin, Kobarid, Nova Gorica, and in Italy – the city of Gorizia. This is not a calm river, near the source of the river framed by the high banks it looks like a mountain stream.

The river is very popular among tourists. The river bed is quite difficult for swimming, because it meets a lot of rapids, steep slopes and ledges. But, in addition to picturesque views of unusual nature, you can enjoy rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, canyoning and many other similar entertainment. Moreover, fishing is allowed here. The awesome river is home to unique species of fish, such as the marble trout, which is considered to be endemic; as well as carp, river and rainbow trout, grayling.

These fabulous landscapes of the unique nature and the distinctive color of the river attract not only tourists. In 2008, “Disney” filmed in this area some scenes of the famous film “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.”

The nature around is not inferior to the one of the most beautiful rivers of Europe. Amazingly beautiful beaches are rich in variety of attractions and dizzy suspension bridges. Rocky shores, deep valley with steep slopes and scenic views are incredibly beautiful. Worth noting here is the Triglav National Park.

One of the main attractions of these places is the Solkan Bridge. This stone railway bridge is 220 meters long. It connects the coasts of the two states of Slovenia and Italy near Novo Gorica. In 1985, the arched Solkan Bridge was recognized as a national heritage of Slovenia and was taken under the protection of the public organization.

For the history buffs, it is recommended to visit the memorial museum in Kobarid. It is devoted to “12 Battles of the Isonzo” which took place in the vicinity of the river during the First World War.


The Soca

Flug von Kobala

The Soca River, Slovenia. Feel the Planet

The Soca River, Slovenia

The Soca River. Slovenia

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