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Underwater waterfall. Mauritius

This incredible sight is actually an illusion of an underwater waterfall. It is a natural anomaly located in the Indian Ocean, near the shores of Le Morne Brabant, south-west of Mauritius (approximately 2,000 kilometers off the southeastern coast of Africa).

Mauritius has an original relief since surrounded by a coral reef. In addition, the undercurrents, silt deposits and sand, moving under the action of underwater currents, create visibility of the underwater waterfall. These deceptive landscapes seem bizarre cascades, and their eddy jets fall directly to the ocean bottom. Transparency of the water also plays an important role. The crystal-clear ocean waters provide an opportunity to enjoy the incredible view. Shades of white, blue and green colors move one into another and create an amazing optical illusion!

Unfortunately, walking on the water or along the shore, you won’t see this beauty and or anything special at all. Such alien scenery can be seen just from the bird’s flight. For this purpose, you should book a trip by helicopter. However, this is not a cheap pleasure – it will cost you from 300 to 1500 dollars for 2 persons and will last only 15 minutes.

In 2008, the peninsula of Le Morne Brabant was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Here are a few hotels – Dinarobin Hotel Golf & Spa, Les Pavillons and Indian Resort & Spa (located in a few hundred meters from this unimaginable attraction).

Underwater waterfall






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