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Venice of the Netherlands – Giethoorn

Having looked at these photos, you will definitely want to visit the small village of Giethoorn, and perhaps even move there for the permanent residence. It is better known as Venice of the Netherlands, which is located in the province of Overijssel.

A remarkable feature of the village is that it is located on the water canals with a total length of about 7.5 km. This fact contributes to the total absence of roads! It also explains the popular name of the village. These canals serve as roads, where rowing boats and launches on electric engines are the primary transport. By the way, the launches work completely silently, so they don’t disturb the peace and tranquility of the local residents. Therefore, if you come here by your own car, you have to leave it in the parking lot and continue your trip on foot or by bike – here are still some trails for bicycles

Where else if not here you can see such fabulous cozy houses surrounded by incredibly beautiful scenery! Location of the houses is very peculiar here – they are mainly located on the islands and connected by wooden bridges (over 180 bridges). So, through the village, you can count more than 50 houses. When water replaces asphalt, you see a wooden bridge literally in front of each house. Thus, the name “Venice of the Netherlands” or “Venice of the North” became more famous that its own.

Now the village has 2620 inhabitants. In fact, Giethoorn was founded in 1230. Due to the presence of peat, the locals conducted active excavation. Gradually, water began to fill the pits which became lakes, and later the whole water channels were formed. You can easily rent a variety of boats, with or without driver. You will be offered a tourist group excursion. It can be designed for an hour, two hours or for a whole day around the village, or also the surrounding area, where you can visit the beautiful National Park De Wieden.

Special “road” signs hang along the canals, as well as traffic lights – this is a complete right-hand traffic. The village has gained wide popularity in the 60’s. It happened after the Dutch director Bert Haanstra showed it in his film.

All that you see – neat houses, thatched roofs and flowering alleys – immerses you into a magical atmosphere. That is what attracts thousands of curious tourists.

Dutch Venice.Giethoorn


Dutch Venice - Giethoorn

Dutch Venice

Giethoorn village


Dutch Venice - Giethoorn2


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