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Verzasca River. Switzerland

Swiss mountains are known worldwide. But rivers of this country are no less remarkable. One of such rivers is located in the heart of the Swiss Alps, and has a status of one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe.

Verzasca River is the clearest river in the world. It is located in the eponymous valley (the Verzasca River valley or Valle verzasca) in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland – Ticino. This mountain river has a length of 30 km. It originates at an altitude of 2864 meters and flows southwards, falling into Lake Maggiore – one of the mountain lakes between Switzerland and Italy.

Verzasca River amazes with its beauty and most importantly the transparency of its waters. Through its crystal-clear turquoise waters you can see beautiful colored stones strewn at its bottom.

The temperature of the crystal water does not exceed 7 ° -10 ° C. The river is not deep; the depth reaches just up to 10-15 meters. But Verzasca has stormy underwater currents in some places, so it is considered to be quite dangerous.

All the favorable places for bathing have disappeared. For many years, Verzasca washed out the natural baths in rocks. Swimming in the river is prohibited because the water in it just icy. But always there are daredevils who try their hand to plunge into the icy water. So, you can meet the special observers who warn about dangerous currents and indicate safe places along the river.

Verzasca River is also a favorite destination for divers. No wonder – such visibility of the water! They strive to come here and look at the world from the 15-meter bottom through the lens of distortions of the emerald water. The best time for this purpose is the period from late spring to early autumn.

It is interesting that there are no living organisms in the river. Scientists suggest that the absence of flora and fauna is explained by the increased acidity of the water.

Lush Mediterranean vegetation with chestnut forests and vineyards create incredible surrounding scenery, which attracts tourists. The so-called “Roman Bridge” will help you to see all the beauty of this place – to admire the winding river, fantastic color of the surrounding landscape and to make sure that water sparkles by its purity.

Valle Verzasca

Verzasca River

Verzasca River. Switzerland

Verzasca River. diving


Verzasca River. the cleanest

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