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Bigar Waterfall. Romania

Bigar Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and mysterious waterfalls in the world. Its uniqueness is in the unusual shape of the dome or mushroom hat. Among the locals the Bigar waterfall is known as “the miracle from the Minis gorge”. It is to be noted that in 2013 magazine «The World Geography» published the rating “Eight most amazing waterfalls in the world”, where the Bigar Waterfall was on the first honorable place.

This natural wonder is located in western Romania, in the Caras-Severin County, near the town of Bozovich. The exact location of the waterfall is Cheile Nerei (Nera Gorges) in Beușnița National Park – precisely on the 45th parallel, halfway between the Equator and the North Pole.

This waterfall has appeared thanks to the meeting of a small river Minis with a large enigmatic the rock of tufa covered with moss. The water gently and slowly drips down from the eight-meter height of the hill and flows into another river. It is an amazing sight – wrapped in water jets hill, like in a glass dome or in an elegant skirt of princess, stands out against the river and the surrounding greenery. It’s not immediately possible to understand the origin of the water looking at this unbelievable landscape from the side due to the height. Thus, a cascading waterfall Bigar with a small cozy grotto inside was created.

Except this amazing waterfall, you will find here delightful blue lakes and caves, inimitable flora and fauna. There is a wooden bridge which has been specially built over the river for this purpose. Crowds of tourists gather on this bridge to watch at the waterfall closer and take a picture.

There is a beautiful and a sad legend at the same time. Once, there lived a peasant family on this territory. They were very unhappy because couldn’t have children. In despair, they asked for help from the gipsy witch. Gypsy told woman to drink water of the spring for having a healthy baby. But there was a sad stipulation – if a girl is born, she must never fall in love as it would be death for her.

The prophecy worked – the woman drank the water and gave a birth to a beautiful girl. When the girl reached girlhood, she fell in love with a young fellow named Bigăr. As in a fairy tale, parents tried to save the girl from the evil fate and father decided to lock the girl in a cave.

The girl cried with grief, and the witch, who prophesied her fate, heard her cries. The gipsy told girl that she couldn’t release her from the cave, but would help her to reunite with her beloved, and thus give an end to their sufferings. So the witch turned girl’s hair, on which her tears fell, into a waterfall, and the wind brought Bigăr to her. He has drowned in her tears and thus their destinies were forever united.


Bigar, Romania

Waterfall Bigar, Romania. Feel the Planet

Waterfall Bigar


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