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Waterfalls in Talbot Bay. Australia

The word “waterfall” is usually associated with vertically falling water. But you can find anything in Australia! This is where the horizontal waterfall is located, even two. In addition, they are able to change their direction several times a day. These two waterfalls, unique in their kind, are located in the area of Kimberley District in Western Australia. “Horries” – local nickname of the waterfalls – are between the two narrow close gorges of the McLarty Range in Talbot Bay.

This unusual phenomenon is explained by the especial tides, the highest in this region, which can reach 10 meters. They cause a strong fast-moving tidal flow through the rocks. The mountain ranges are parallel to each other, and situated at a distance of three hundred meters. In that ridge, which is closer to the ocean, the width of the cleft is only about twenty meters. In the inner ridge, the width is even less – only ten meters.

During the low tide, the water accumulated in the firth begins to move down to the ocean. The second channel is smaller in scale because the water is passed through a wider gorge and the pressure is less. But it is no less outstanding. The height of the horizontal waterfalls is only five meters. During the breaks, when the water is calm and safe, when the raging stream turns into a real oasis with turquoise water surface, you can take a ride on a boat on the channel – enjoy the local nature, beautiful and majestic cliffs. You can also order a seaplane journey over the Buccaneer Archipelago.

David Attenborough in his documentaries about nature called the horizontal waterfalls some kind of a spectacular phenomenon, and compared them with Niagara if not in its grandeur, but in its popularity and uniqueness.

Horizontal Waterfalls in Talbot Bay

Feel the planet

Reflections at the Horizontal Waterfalls

Horizontal Waterfalls in Talbot Bay. Feel the Planet

Horizontal Waterfalls in Talbot Bay. Australia

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