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Well of Torah. USA

USA is rich in unique natural attractions. One of the most picturesque places is located on the Pacific coast at Cape Perpetua in Oregon. It is a real natural wonder called the Well of Torah.

Due to the volcanic activity many bays and rocky crevices were formed on the territory of the coastal strip of the cape. Well of Torah is the only one of its kind on this coast. This natural creation is often called “the gateway to the underworld”. The well a stone funnel with a diameter of 5 m and a depth of several meters. At high tides, low tides or storm winds, it turns into a fountain, exploding by millions of salt spray up to 6 meters in height. It resembles a real geyser!

But the water flowing into the well has the strongest impression. This falling of the incoming wave like a mountain waterfall creates incredible landscapes. This is a favorite moment for which photographers from around the world come here. For a great shot, they approach as close as possible to the funnel. However, it is incredibly dangerous – an unexpected big wave, strong wind and wet stones can push the daredevil into the well in a matter of seconds.

Winter period is a particularly opportune time for monitoring the Well of Torah. The intensity of the tides reaches its peak. During these powerful movements of water masses, the noise and the rapid flow are breathtaking! Splashes can reach the observers standing at a distance of ten meters from the edge of the ocean.

Like many amazing places on our planet, this well is also associated with a romantic legend that explains its origin. It is believed that many years ago a loving couple had a date at this place. But a big fight broke the harmony of their relationship. The girl became jealous of her lover and in a fit of rage she killed him. The Great God Thor saw it from the sky and turned blood of the young men into the burning fiery lava like his passionate love. It spilled and burned the ground, taking the dead body into the bowels of the planet. And now, this well reminds people about the destructive power of jealousy, which can destroy even the most sincere and pure feelings.

Scientists still can’t explain the origin of this funnel. It is very dangerous to dive to a depth of the well even for the experienced divers. Strong current can carry away into the web of underground caves which may be adjacent to the well. This circumstance adds mystery to this place and attracts lots of tourists at least to look at this unusual phenomenon of nature.



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